School Registration

By registering your program or school your students may participate in the following
KMEA events:

  • KMEA Sanctioned Contests and Kentucky Marching Band Championships โ€“
    including Regional, Semi-Finals, and Finals Competition
  • KMEA Solo & Ensemble and Large Group Festivals
  • KMEA All-State Groups: All-State Bands, Kentucky Children’s Chorus, Kentucky
    Junior High Chorus, All-State High School Choruses, All-State Orchestras

Registering Your Program or School

School registration is the first step to participation in any of the KMEA events and should take priority. Failure to have the school registration complete could keep your students from participating in the events.

Type of School

High School
Middle School

One Program (Band, Chorus, Orchestra)


Two or More Programs (Band, Chorus, Orchestra)


Please complete the School Registration Form/Invoice, selecting the proper level (high school, middle school, elementary), and send the proper Registration Fee to KMEA. The forms are designed to generate a PDF invoice that you send with payment to KMEA.

All the necessary forms and publications that you will need for participation in KMEA events will be in the KMEA Information Center. All-State audition forms are located in the appropriate Division but your school registration must be complete before you will be granted access to the audition materials.

Completion of School Registration and current KMEA-NAfME Membership is a prerequisite for students that attend that school to participate in KMEA Events. KMBC applications and all-state auditions will not be certified until these two items are complete.

Renew KMEA-NAfME Membership

If you are a current member and have completed and sent your School Registration Form you are ready to go. If you are NOT a current member, or if your membership will expire in either August or September, you should complete the membership process by clicking on the membership link below:

Please note that your membership must be current before KMBC applications will be accepted, or for your students to be permitted to audition for All-State.