Title IV Part A Funding

Notes from NAfME webinar on Title IV, Part A

Title IV Part A federal funding, which comes to the school district, may be applied to support aspects of music and arts programs if decisions are made at the school district level that point the funds that way.

NAfME has released an expanded and updated Title IV-A Toolkit, featuring answers to questions they have received, as well as examples from across the country on how Title IV-A funds have been used to support music and arts education.. They have also created a blog to help promote the toolkit and explain how it can support music educators within their school districts and as advocates at the state level.

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Special Report that highlights the ways that states and districts can engage the arts in the ongoing work of the Every Student Succeeds Act. Designed to continue growing as ESSA implementation proceeds, this report currently contains chapters exploring the opportunities for arts education within the following topics: Accountability, Assessments, Stakeholder Engagement, State Plans, Tiers of Evidence, Title I, Well-Rounded Education and Title IV.

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Current Info Related to Advocacy

Music Advocacy Tools

Why Music In Schools is GOOD for Kids

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Opportunity to Learn standards for music: Scroll down to STANDARDS FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL AND JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL/ Facilities.

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See especially page 7, “The Four Critical Factors,” and page 10, “Cubic Volume.” See also page 49, “The Case for Space.”

Music teachers should take the Wenger guide and go to school on it. Read it, absorb it, and take notes. You can give it to your principal but he/she will not read it. You can give it to your architect but he/she will not read it. Only if you read it and become an expert will you have the facts in your mind to serve you during any upcoming conversation.

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