We are in the process of updating the new KMEA Site. For State Conference and All-State Information, please visit our legacy site (where information is current). Click here: Legacy KMEA Site
We are in the process of updating the new KMEA Site. For State Conference and All-State Information, please visit our legacy site (where information is current). Click here: Legacy KMEA Site

Teacher of the Year

  • 1985Elementary—Jane Thomas
    Middle—Melanie Wood
    Secondary—Tom Brawner
    College/University—Irma Collins
  • 1986Elementary—Jonell Turner
    Middle—Brenda Thomas
    Secondary—Robert Doss & Norma Homes
    College/University—Christine Hobbs
  • 1987Elementary—Linda McKinley
    Middle—Nancy Page
    Secondary—Shirley Wilkinson
    College/University—Frederick Mueller
  • 1988Elementary—Carol B. Walker
    Middle—Sue Henry
    Secondary—Danny Eberlein
    College/University—Earl Louder
  • 1989Elementary—Virginia Redfearn
    Middle—Ron Cowherd
    Secondary—John Stegner
    College/University—Wayne Johnson
  • 1990Elementary—Joyce Markle
    Middle—Linda Ratti
    Secondary—Dennis Robinson
    College/University—Loren Waa
  • 1991Elementary—Janet Caldwell
    Middle—Rick Moreno
    Secondary—Shelia Miller
    College/University—Kent Campbell
  • 1992Elementary—Joan Bowker
    Middle—Ellen Burt
    Secondary—Stuart Underwood
    College/University—Ben Hawkins
  • 1993Elementary—Julie White
    Middle—Shirley Jones
    Secondary—Nanette Moore & Robert Ellis
    College/University—David Sogin
  • 1994Elementary—Linda K. Robinson
    Middle—David L. Meredith
    Secondary—Sarah Lynn & David Caldwell
    College/University—David Dunevant
  • 1995Elementary—Jimmie Dee Kelley
    Middle—Gary Mullins
    Secondary—June Williams
    College/University—John Schlabach
  • 1996Elementary—Vicki Madison
    Middle—Gayle McDermott
    Secondary—Kathryn Tabor & Phyllis Vincent
    College/University—David McCullough
  • 1997Elementary—Bonita Schwab
    Middle—Mary Helen Vaughn
    Secondary—David Brown
    College/University—Cecilia Wang & Eugene Norden
  • 1998Elementary—Nancy Creekmur
    Middle—Teresa Collins
    Secondary—Arthur DeWeese
    College/University—Frederick Speck
  • 1999Elementary—Ann Harris
    Middle—Paul Metzger
    Secondary—Donna Bonner
    College/University—Gerald Tolson
  • 2000Elementary—Diane Gardner & Ruth Henson
    Middle—Lois Wiggins
    Secondary—Keith Vincent
    College/University—Stephen Bolster
  • 2001Elementary—David Ham
    Middle—Debra Lanham
    Secondary—Mike Clark
    College/University—W. Jonathan Gresham & Lisa McArthur
  • 2002Elementary—Linda Stalls
    Middle—Nell Earwood
    Secondary—Joe Allen
    College/University—Greg Detweiler & Nevalyn Moore
  • 2003Elementary—Pat Keller
    Middle—William Spiegelhalter
    High School—Charles Campbell, Jr. & Darryl Dockery
    College/University—John Carmichael
  • 2004Elementary—Macie Tucker
    Middle—Teresa Elliott
    High School—Lyndon Lawless
    College/University—Susan Creasap & Kent Hatteberg
  • 2005Elementary—Mary Scaggs
    Middle—Troy Stovall
    High School—Justin Durham
    College/University—Pamela Wurgler
  • 2006Elementary—Melinda Paul
    Middle—Lindsay Brawner-King & Susie Lucas
    High School—Jan Gibson
    College/University—no award
  • 2007Elementary—Lisa Goode Hussung
    Middle—Sheila Smalling
    High School—David McFadden
    College/University—John Cipolla
  • 2008Elementary—Penny Akers
    Middle—Jeanie Orr
    High School—Brian Froedge
    College/University—Frank Oddis & Robyn Swanson
  • 2009Elementary—Debbie Stegner
    Middle—Amy Huff
    High School—Kevin Briley
    College/University—John Fannin
  • 2010Elementary—Kimberly Wirthwein
    Middle—Nancy Campbell
    High School—Brent Merritt
    College/University—Randy Pennington
  • 2011Elementary—Amy Bolar
    Middle—Beth Stribling
    High School—Brent Barton
    College/University—George Boulden
  • 2012Elementary—Debby Duda
    Middle—Alexis Paxton
    High School—Charles Smith
    College/University—Greg Byrne
  • 2013Elementary—Tracy Leslie
    Middle—Paula Humphreys
    High School—Noel Weaver & Bambi Wright
    College/University—Brant Karrick
  • 2014Elementary—Andrea Marcum
    Middle—Nancy Bailey
    High School—Marilyn Schraeder
    College/University—Ron Holz
  • 2015Elementary—Andrea Nance
    Middle—Alan Emerson
    High School—Ashley Tyree
    College/University—Steven Pederson
  • 2016Elementary—Betty Webber
    Middle—Beth Lyles
    High School—Linda Pulley
    College/University—Todd Hill
  • 2017Elementary—Lisse Lawson
    Middle—Cory Zilisch
    High School—Brad Rogers
    College/University—Gary Schallert
  • 2018Elementary—Shannon Abney
    Middle—Katherine Anderson
    High School—Samuel Adams
    College/University—Brian Mason
  • 2019Elementary—Jon Oliver
    Middle—Kara Smith
    High School—Lori Knapke
    College/University—Amy Acklin
  • 2020Elementary—Johnnie Bishop
    Middle—Byron Lucas
    High School—Lauren Barnhill
    College/University—Saulo Moura DeAlmeida
  • 2021Elementary—Marybeth Brown
    Middle—Michelle Hudson
    High School—Aaron Bowling
    College/University—Sidney King
  • 2022Elementary—Dale Julian
    Middle—Julie Lucky
    High School—Joe Craig
    College/University—Cody Birdwell