Jim and Carolyn Fern Music Education Scholarship


Applications for the Jim and Carolyn Fern Music Education Scholarship are to be accepted between January 15 and June 1 of each year, and the winner will be chosen during the month of June.


From Selection Committee Report, 2010

  1. The scholarship shall be known as the “Jim and Carolyn Fern Music Education Scholarship.
  2. Recipients of the scholarship shall be students who have declared music education as a major and been accepted at a Kentucky university or college.
  3. Applicants must be of junior standing and have been admitted to the teacher education program at their school.
  4. Applicants must have at least two semesters of school remaining prior to graduation.
  5. Applicants must have earned a GPA meeting minimum requirements for scholarship consideration at their institution
  6. Applicants must currently be enrolled at a Kentucky institution and be a US citizen.
  7. Recipients shall be selected by the Kentucky Music Educators Association CODA Committee.
  8. Recipients of the scholarship may reapply.
  9. The awards each year shall be payable over the period of two semesters. Currently set at $1,500 per year (updated 2024) to one applicant, the exact amount and number of awards may vary based on growth in the fund and available interest earnings.
  10. The Kentucky Music Educators Association shall serve as administrator of all monies and securities of the scholarship fund and shall invest monies in a safe and prudent manner. Only annual contributions as designated by the donors, and interest earnings may be used for scholarship awards.
  11. Changes to these guidelines may be made by the KMEA President and Executive Director with the approval of the Kentucky Music Educators Association Board of Directors or its designee under extraordinary circumstances.

Past Selectees

2006Jacob HeinMurray
2007Bronson MurphyWKU
2008Joel WatsonUofL
2009Susan AbellWKU
2010Cameron GishMurray
2011Anthony DarnallMurray
2012Alyna BloecherWKU
2014Shae PierceMurray
2016Emily LongneckerUofL
2018Amanda CulverUK
2019Emalee Ann CopelandMorehead
2020Christopher TrimbleMurray
2021Hannah Beth IglehartUofL
2023Kaitlyn PurcellUofL