Band Division

Brian Froedge, Band Chair
North Hardin High School
801 South Logsdon Parkway
Radcliff, KY 40160

Kip Crowder, Band Chair-Elect
Barren County High School
507 Trojan Trail
Glasgow, KY 42141

Kara Boyd, Middle School Band Chair
Lone Oak Middle School
225 John E. Robinson Avenue
Paducah, KY 42001

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Parent and Student Inquiries

KMEA is a member-based organization, and KMEA members may register their schools and provide opportunities for their students who attend their school.  All communications regarding KMEA student-related activities must come through the music teacher, who is the KMEA member.  KMEA has a responsibility to its members to insist that this protocol be followed.

All-State Audition Info

Second-round auditions for All-State Band and All-State Orchestra Winds and Percussion will be on the afternoon of the second Saturday of December each year. Auditioning students who wish to take the ACT that day should register for the test at an Elizabethtown test site to insure they will be on time for their audition. Times will be assigned randomly, and once assigned will not be changed. Latecomers will be turned away.

Position Statement Regarding Kentucky All-state Band 2nd Round Assigned Audition Times

It has been standard operating procedure for well over a decade that audition times will be assigned randomly, and that the assigned audition time must be held to.  With over 900 students auditioning in fourteen rooms, having the students appear in the randomly assigned order is part of the system that helps insure that the score given for a student’s performance is truly assigned to that student.  Years ago the auditions times were not held to strictly, students were allowed to go early or late in whatever order that happened to evolve, and mistakes were common.  Because the order of auditions was not predetermined, scores sometimes were entered for students that were not the scores they earned.

It is clear that if an avenue through which students could appeal for exception to receiving assigned audition times there would be a flood of such appeals, and no practical method has been devised for fairly deliberating between them as to which are credible and which are not.  It seems certain that if no distinction were made and all who wanted to go at a different time were allowed to do so, the schedule would become meaningless and tabulation errors would most likely result, as happened before the policy on firm adherence to assigned times was established.

By this point in time, the expectation among the band directors of Kentucky has become that the elected band chair will not allow exceptions to the scheduled audition times.  As have all band chairs in recent times, the current band chair will uniformly and consistently inform those who ask to audition at a time other than that to which they were scheduled that they will not be allowed to do so.  

Information Letter for Students
Student Guide - Auditions

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All State Band and Orchestra Wind and Percussion Roster
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All-State Jazz Band Roster: see KMEA Information Center (must log in)
All State Band Ticket Information
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District Band Chairs

District One
Richard Burchett
District Two
Adam Thomas
District Three
Jason Ausbrooks
District Four
Jaime Smith
District Five
Trevor Ervin
District Six
Joe Craig (NKBDA)
District Seven
Aaron Cunningham
District Eight
Chris Whelan
District Nine
Scott Bersaglia
District Ten
Scott Sexton
District Eleven
David Jaggie
District Twelve
Marc Monroe

Marching Band Information
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