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"Phi Beta Mu is a non-political, non-profiting fraternity organized to promote good fellowship among its members, to encourage the building of better bands and the development of better musicians in the schools throughout the world, and to foster a deeper appreciation of good music and more widespread interest in it on the part of the lay public."

Psi Chapter in Kentucky was organized in 1976

Membership - under construction

Special Projects:

Yearly Sponsor of three KMEA Conference Clinics
Commissioned Works:

2005 - Empire - Julie Giroux
2007 - Appalachian Morning - Robert Sheldon
2009 - Kentucky Home - David Gillingham

Current Officers (term ends 2013):
Lois Wiggins, President
Troy Stovall, President-Elect

Troy Stovall, Secretary/Treasurer

Board Members at Large:
Andrew Mroch, Outstanding Bandmaster
Beth Stribling, Hall of Fame
Lois Wiggins, International Board Member

Hall of Fame:
1998 Dean Dowdy, K.V. Bryant, Robert Hawkins
1999 Floyd Burt, Dan Eberlein
2000 Robert Miller Walker, Cecil Karrick
2001 John "Pop" Lewis, R.B. Griffin, Robert Roden
2003 William Carl Reeves
2005 None
2006 Dr. Robert Hartwell
2007 None
2008 Charles Campbell
2010 Dr. Acton Ostling

Officer and Awards Retrospective