KY All-State High School Chorus


KMEA State Choral Chair
Megan Puckett
Allen County-Scottsville HS
1545 Bowling Green Rd
Scottsville, KY 42164
(270) 622-4119

All-State Chorus Handbook

All-State Chorus Schedule

All-State Chorus Repertoire

2016 Audition Information

KY All-State High School Chorus
2016 Conductors


Mixed Chorus
Meg Frazier

Loyola University, New Orleans, LA



Women's Chorus
Edith Copley
Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ



Men's Chorus
James Rodde
Iowa State University, Ames, IA


Handbook for District Chairs

KY All-State High School Chorus
All Items must be postmarked by the deadline date.


Contact your District Chair for district deadlines for the
  following forms:
• Form A (Total Choral Enrollment Form)
• Rosters signed by principal, counselor, and local choir teacher.   
• $12 audition fee per student

Oct 27
District Chair: District audition results, Student Audition fees, and Forms A, B, and C due to State Choral Chair.
Nov 7
Anticipated date for posting All State Chorus membership on KMEA web-site. Results will not be mailed. Form D (Chorus Acceptance Form) will be emailed to schools with student names of those invited for participation in All State Choir.
Dec 2

• All State Chorus Acceptance Form (Form D) (must contain all signatures) due to KMEA Office.
All State Medical Form and copy of insurance card (one of each per student) due to KMEA Office.
All State Rules and Regulations for Participation Form
(one per student) due to KMEA Office.
All State Chorus Music Order Form due to KMEA Office.

Dec 17
All-State Housing Form due
Jan 30
Talent Show Audition form due to Raye Hurley.
January–see linked schedule
Regional Rehearsal: Attendance to a regional rehearsal is required by each student for All State participation. Failure to attend a regional rehearsal will result in an automatic withdrawal from All State Chorus.
You must have proof of your school registration as well as your current KMEA dues card number before you audition in the district.
2015 All-State Chorus Schedule

Rehearsal Recordings
All-State Chorus Participant Press Release
All State High School Chorus Ticket Information
(tickets available for sale in December)

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