KMEA Marching Band Information

Date of 2014 Quarterfinals: October 25, 2014
Date of 2014 Semifinals and Finals: November 1, 2014

State Marching Band Championship Manager:
Dr. John Stroube -- (859) 626-5635 --
Bands that attend two KMEA Sanctioned local contests are eligible to compete in the Regional Quarterfinals of the State Contest on Saturday, October 25, 2014. The top eight bands from each Regional Quarterfinals site will advance to State Semifinals on November 1, 2014. Semifinals are held at five separate sites during a time window of 10:00 am to 3:30 pm. Four Finalist bands will be chosen from each classification. Finals begin at 6:00 pm at Roy Kidd Stadium on the Eastern Kentucky University campus. Seating (see Seating below).


Group Photography:
There will not be a Group Photgrapher at Regional Quarterfinals
Finals Photos:

Band Photographers are permitted to take pictures during the Semi-finals competitions, but may not photograph the finals competition. The SMBC Finals Official photographer is Custom Photo. All proceeds of event photo sales are donated to the Jim and Carolyn Fern Music Education Scholarship.

Regional Quarterfinals Schedule

Semifinals and Finals Schedules and Diagrams:

Ticket Sales:

Regional Quarterfinals tickets: $10.00, available onsite, only.

Advanced sale of tickets for Semifinals and Finals on November 1, 2014 has closed as of 4:30 PM on Tuesday October 28. Semifinals tickets may be purchased at any semifinals location. Finals tickets (reserved seating) may be purchased at EKU's Roy Kidd Stadium after 10 AM on Saturday, November 1.

Semifinals and Finals tickets are available for purchase in advance or on-site the day of the event. Sales begin September 2, 2014. Ticket orders received on or before October 24 will be mailed. Finals ticket orders received on October 27 or October 28 will be available at the Roy Kidd Stadium will-call window in the ticket booth. No advance sale of semifinal tickets after October 24.

  • Please call the KMEA office (859-626-5635) between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM EDT, Monday through Friday to order tickets, September 2 and October 28.
  • General admission tickets to Semifinals are $10.00
  • All Finals tickets are Reserved Seating
  • Reserved Seats are $12.00, $15.00, or $20.00. Chair seats in Sections D & E are sold out. See below for details.
  • Children age six and under will be admitted free, but will not be given a ticket. For Finals (reserved seating) children who are admitted free will have to be held by adults.
  • Finals tickets, unless bought in advance, will be available at Roy Kidd Stadium only (see below)
  • Gates open one hour prior to the first band's performance.

Roy Kidd Stadium View From the Field

Roy Kidd Stadium Seating Diagram

Handicap Seating Information and Diagram

$12 — C, F; CC, FF; CCC, DDD, EEE
$15 — bleachers in D, E; DD, EE
$20 — chair seats in D, E (Sold Out); boxes.
Other sections — non-finalist bands and
finalist bands that want to watch other classes.

Semi-Finals and Finals Ticket Presales Closed

Finals tickets will be for sale at Roy Kidd Stadium starting at 10:00 am Saturday, November 1

  • Tickets at the site are available for cash only
  • On the day of the event they will be available at Gate 4 (south end)
  • Will-call, for pre-orders that came in within the last couple of weeks, will also be at the Gate 4 booth

An area at each Semifinals site is reserved for official band videographers to tape their respective bands. Neither videographers nor their equipment are allowed on the field level. Videographers are not admitted free, but may purchase a ticket or may use one of their band’s Chaperone Passes. NO VIDEO RECORDING IS ALLOWED AT THE FINALS EVENT. Box 5 Productions will produce a video of the Finals that will be offered for sale. (Highlights of the finals will appear on KET later in the year, but the full performances of all the Finals bands will be available ONLY on the for-sale DVDs.


This service is provided by the Band Boosters at the Semifinals host schools and is the one means through which we can reward them for the “extra mile” effort they are putting forth to host our State Contest. Please patronize the Concession stands. Contact Host director to arrange for group meals.
Performing Band Members are admitted free and will have their hand stamped for readmission purposes. One chaperone per 10 performers, Band Bus and Truck Drivers, and Band Directors receive passes or badges. Please note: All Band Staff must be listed on the Application Form in order to receive a badge for admission. No further passes will be available on the day of the event. Equipment handlers will be admitted to the performance area only and during your performance time only. In order to enter the audience area they will need to purchase tickets.
General admission tickets to Semifinals are $10.00. All Finals tickets are Reserved Seating. Reserved Seats are $12.00, $15.00, or $20.00. Finals tickets, unless bought in advance, will be available at Roy Kidd Stadium only. Gates open one hour prior to the first band's performance. Click on the link for the Roy Kidd Stadium seating chart.
The Richmond Tourism Bureau has collected lodging information and rates from local hotels on a document found here.
Field markings:

Semifinals:Standard High School markings as per KMEA rules. (hashes 53’4”)
Finals: Collegiate (NCAA) markings (hashes 60’ from sidelines) with High School hash marks (53’4”) marked also.