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Dixie Classic Required Listing for Orchestra
• Go to their "Music Lists" and log in.
• First timers, create an identity.

• For choirs, grades 1 & 2 = Easy, grades 3 & 4 = Medium, and grades 5 & 6 Difficult.

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State Solo & Ensemble Assessment Overview

  1. State solo and ensemble assessment is available to high school solo and ensemble events that qualify. Date for 2016 is May 21, 2016.
  2. This year, the solo and ensemble score sheets have a place at the bottom for judges to indicate whether full instrumentation (incl. piano) was employed. There is also a place to put the title and composer.
  3. The judge need only fill in that part at the bottom of the sheet if the event is a high school event, and if a Distinguished rating is being awarded.
  4. The runner should check for signature and rating, and if the event is a high school event and if the rating is Distinguished, the runner should also see if the judge filled out the bottom part. Ideally, an incomplete sheet should not leave the room.
  5. A high school level performance qualifies for state solo and ensemble assessment if
    -a Distinguished rating is awarded
    -the instrumentation is complete, no substitutions, and a piano is used if called for
    -the selection is on the appropriate selective list (any piece on the string list, UIL grade 1 or 2 for voices, UIL grade 1 or 2 for wind and percussion)
  6. Directors wishing to enroll a qualified solo or ensemble in the state assessment should send a copy of the student's assessment form to the KMEA office with payment for the state event. The state office will check the appropriate list to ensure the selection can be found on the list.

Required Lists for students wishing to participate in State Solo and Ensemble Assessment:

  • For Band and Choral/Vocal lists—

    1. Go to the UIL Prescribed Music List search page, then on the drop down menu scroll all the way to the bottom for the vocal categories.
    2. After you get search results for the category, click on the word GRADE in the header to sort by grade. All the Grade 1 selections (approved for State Solo and Ensemble) will come to the top. For choral/vocal and Band, GRADE 1 (most difficult) and GRADE 2 (second-most difficult) SELECTIONS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR KENTUCKY STATE SOLO AND ENSEMBLE ASSESSMENT.
Sight-Reading Criteria:
The complete KMEA Rules and Regulations Book is now on-line and available to KMEA members in the KMEA Information Center located in the Member Login Area.