Kentucky Junior High Chorus
Audition Information and Guidelines

To be eligible to audition, students must attend a
school that is registered by a KMEA member
who teaches there. Members may log in to
access a school registration form.


Please be very selective and send recordings of only your BEST singers! Please do not waste the judges' times by submitting in recordings that you would not want to hear. Be honest with your students if you know that their recording is not up to all-state standards.

Please avoid a noisy recording setting. Place the recorder's microphone near the piano and student so that all parts can be heard. Do NOT place the recorder's microphone on the piano as this usually distorts the recording.
Boys with unchanged voices may audition for soprano or alto parts.
Failure to follow these directions will automatically disqualify the audition.
5. Each student's audition will be evaluated according to the Kentucky Junior High Chorus Audition Scoring Guide.
Once the audition begins, there will be no talking. The teacher/pianist may not play or sing the student's part while the student is singing.The student must perform the unaccompanied prepared solo as written and in the designated key (specific voice part versions of the solo are linked at the bottom of this page). Any deviation of this procedure will result in the disqualification of the student.
Follow the directions listed in the audition procedures below. Remember to perform all audition sections as written.
After completing the audition, listen to the recording to make certain the audition has been recorded.
The online submission system will shut down at midnight on the deadline day.
Mail one copy of the completed KJHC Audition Invoice or the online audition submission receipt that will be emailed to you along with payment of total audition fees ($7 per audition) to the KMEA Office.

Kentucky Music Educators Association
P.O. Box 1058
Richmond, KY 40476-1058

Instructions for Recording Auditions
PDF version suitable for printing

All recordings must be digital. They must be recorded as mp3s or converted to mp3s post audition. Only mp3s may be submitted this year.
Each student's audition must be saved as an individual mp3 file.
Once again, the teacher may not instruct the student or sing with the student during the audition.
Students must sing the following items in the order listed below. Singing out of order or skipping any part will result in the disqualification of the singer.
1. Start Recording
Have the student make the following statement:
"This is [student's name]" The teacher will not talk. No mention of the name of the school is allowed.
2. Instructions for Unaccompanied Major Scale Portion of the Audition
An UNACCOMPANIED major scale ascending and descending using syllables, numbers, or on "la, loo, or doo." Only the beginning pitch of the scale may be played.
  Soprano: G or F Major
  Alto: D Major
  Tenor: E-Flat or F Major
  Bass: C Major
3. Instructions for Harmonic Pattern Portion of the Audition
Harmonic Pattern Number 1
  a. The upper part is played for the student. The student then sings the upper part on "loo" while the lower part is being played.
  b. The lower part is played for the student. The student then sings the lower part on "loo" while the upper part is being played.
Harmonic Pattern Number 2
Students sing only the vocal part for which they are auditioning. The student says the name of the chosen vocal part & then the students part is played. The student then sings that part on "loo" or "doo" while the remaining three parts are played.
4. Instructions for Prepared Solo Selection Portion of the Audition

Audition piece: The Arrow and The Song by Elliot Levine, Shadow Press, SP123
The student sings a cappella the listed passages listed below.

  Soprano: mm. 8–16; mm. 22–25
  Alto: mm. 10–16; mm. 26–29
  Tenor: mm. 8–16; mm. 32–36
  Bass: mm. 26–29; mm. 36–42
5. Stop Recording
Once again, each student's audition must be saved as an individual mp3 file.
Instructions for Uploading Audition Recordings

1. Have the mp3 recordings on your computer so you may select them for upload. DO NOT UPLOAD .m4a, .wav, .aiff OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF AUDIO FILE. Mp3s ONLY!
2. Have student shirt size and height ready for entry.
3. Click the link below and carefully follow the directions.
(You may be prompted to log in before access will be granted—if you do not know your Username (KMEA/NAfME ID) and password, the KMEA office can advise. After you log in, come back here and click on the link AGAIN.)
4. After the first student it will be easy to enroll others.

Audition Submission System (closed)

Contact the KMEA office for assistance resolving any difficulties you encounter.